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CSU Photo at CSU Student Show

March 31, 2013
Omid getting award

Omid Tavakoli receiving the “Best of Photography” award at CSU’s Annual Student Show.

Congratulations to everyone in the Annual Student Art Show and Merit Scholar Exhibitions. Photography did pretty well in the juried exhibition. The jurors had great things to say about the photography in the exhibition:

It’s wonderful to see such a range of outstanding work in various media. Photography stood out for me, both in number of entries and quality – there are some very talented students at work here.
– Lauren Hansgen, Executive Director , Cleveland Artists Foundation
Overwhelmingly, the largest group of submissions was in digital photography / imaging, and it’s not surprising that a good part of the show is work form this category. Overall, I found the digital photography innovative, creative, and professionally presented.
– Paul Jacklitch, Professor of Art, Baldwin Wallace University

So special kudos to the photo work. And extra-special kudos to the award winners: Omid Tavakoli won “Best in Photography” and Ryan Upp  was awarded “Best in Show” for his photographic work. Congratulations, guys.

award winners
 Here are the award winners;
  • Honorable Mention: Jonathan Renuart, Unraveling Infinite Perceptions and This is What We Choose
  •  Honorable Mention: Nicholas Storm, Untitled
  •  Best of Project 60: Peggy McNally, Untitled 2
  •  Best of Ceramics: Patrick McGough, The Dark Side
  •  Best of Sculpture: Jaco Jucutan, Empty Shell
  •  Best of Photography: Omid Tavakoli, Dress Series #1 (yellow)
  •  Best of Printmaking: Dunya Abrihim, Guilty by Distribution
  •  Best of Painting: Rachel Strongoli, Where do my Dreams Come From and Where do they go?
  •  Best of Drawing: Faith Wiker, Untitled
  •  Best of Show: Ryan Upp, Memoirs of a Panda
The show runs through May 4.Regular hours are:
Mon & Tue by appointment only
Wed & Thu 10am-5pm
Fri 10am-8pm
Sat 12pm-8pmFor more information, visit The Galleries at CSU online.

Student Show and Merit Scholar Exhibitions

March 27, 2013

Reception: Friday, March 29, 5pm – 8pm
The Galleries at CSU

Join us for the 42nd Annual Student Art Show and Merit Scholar Exhibition with an opening reception this Friday, Mar 29. Hor d’oeuvres and drinks are free for the taking. Announcements of the winning student art show entries will be announced.  The exhibitions run through May 4. Don’t be stupid, come see it.


Matt Siber Talk at Transformer Station

March 26, 2013


Matt Siber Artist Talk
Transformer Station
Thursday, March 28, 6pm

Matt Siber is an artist who has been using photography as a vehicle to explore how our society communicates through the visual language of branding. On March 28, he will be at the Transformer Station to unveil a monumental installation, Billboard Vinyl, which is part of an ongoing multimedia series on the infrastructure of communication. In a talk beginning at 6 p.m., Siber will discuss how the 22-foot-high draped billboard subverts the commercial purpose of the two-dimensional advertisement and converts it into a sculptural aesthetic object. Also on view will be two examples of his earlier work that show the arc of his exploration of our marketing communications-saturated environment.

Beer, Wine and refreshments will be served with donations accepted for the benefit of the Transformer Station. Admission is free.


Matt Siber is a Chicago-based photographer and editor whose work deals with the ways the language and tools of advertising and branding influence our lives and our landscape. Siber’s work has been exhibited widely in solo exhibitions at galleries including Galerie f 5.6 in Munich, Billi Rubin Gallery, Berlin, PhotoEspana, Madrid and Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago. Matt Siber currently teachs at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and has taught at Oberlin College and Columbia College, Chicago. His work has been published and collected nationally and internationally.


Bellweather: Terry Schwarz and Corine Vermeulen @ Transformer Station

March 26, 2013

Bellweather is an open-ended series of discussions and events that aim to discover the possibilities and limitations of art as a transformative tool in Cleveland’s post-industrial context.

What is the potential for contemporary art to foster change in our social and urban environment? Bellwether is a series of projects that aims to both explore this question and attempt to answer it. Each episode looks different and takes place in a different part of the community, but shares the common goal of discovering how art can be used as an agent of change for the city of Cleveland.

Bellwether is a project of the Contemporary Art Society of the Cleveland Museum of Art, organized by Heather Cook, Lisa Kurzner, Reto Thüring and John Williams.

Vist Bellweather’s website.
Like Bellweather’s Facebook Page


Corine Vermeulen, Movement. 2012

Discussion with Terry Schwarz and Corine Vermeulen
Thursday, April 11th, 7-9 pm @ 
Transformer Station

Terry Schwarz, director of Kent State University’s Urban Design Collaborative, and photographer Corine Vermeulen will lead a discussion about their work and shared interest in art’s role as a catalyst for improving and enriching the urban landscape.

Corine Vermeulen photographed the citizens and landscape of Detroit in her 2005 project, Your Town Tomorrow. Recently, she contributed to thanks for the view, mr. mies: layfayette park, detroit, a volume of interviews and photographs about life in the largest collection of Mies van der Rohe buildings in the world. She says, “Detroit represents a unique and great vehicle for change where old structures are no longer in place and the possibilities of something different to happen are endless.”

Terry Schwarz launched the CUDC’s Shrinking Cities Institute in 2005 to address the implications of population decline and large-scale urban vacancy in Northeast Ohio. She established Pop Up City, a temporary use initiative for vacant and underutilized sites in Cleveland.

The Lens Rises in Stature (NYTimes)

March 22, 2013

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 3.09.27 PMRead about how major museums like The Met are embracing photography in the New York Times here.



Advising Days: Mon & Tue, March 25 & 26

March 18, 2013

advising sign up imageBe sure to sign up for an appointment with your advisor on Monday, March 25 or Tuesday, March 26. Sign up sheets are posted on faculty offices. You can get advising and permissions for this summer, next fall, spring and summer’s Art Departmet classes. Advising with take place in the Middough Building, room 204. That’s the conference room on the 2nd floor. Also, Stephanie Triplett, our college’s general education advisor will be available on these days as well.

Alternative Processes at Tregoning & Co

March 17, 2013

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The Janus Effect: New Photographs from Old Techniques
Tregoning & Company (located in 78th Street Studios)

Bill Tregoning examined remarkable contemporary photographs created employing 19th century techniques.  Artist-photographer Christopher Pekoc was the conduit; he had been struck with these photographs by the quartet of artists Tregoning & Company has now invited to participate in a group show this Spring, with Chris Pekoc curating this exhibition. The simultaneous notion of looking forward and backward invokes the Roman god of the New Year: Janus –depicted in antiquity in double profile, simultaneously looking left and right.

Using the more recently abandoned process of developed film, Gabriel Gonzalez noticed intricate abstract patterns appearing on the discarded gelatin silver prints he found in his darkroom waste basket.  He knew the patterns were caused by the oxidation of the chemistry as the silver coating on the photo paper reacted to the stainless steel of his developing sink.  It occurred to him that he could manipulate the oxidization process to create his own abstract compositions. Then he digitally scanned the compositions, sometimes layering the scans to create more complexity, and printed the final results with an ink jet printer, resulting in dramatic colors and startling imagery.

Greg Martin is constantly drawn to the forgotten and discarded, the decaying, the overlooked and the ignored, with his goal always to reveal to the viewer something they have not seen.

In the archaic and long-ignored process of wet-plate collodian photography Martin found a method of creating and revealing that is continuously challenging, constantly inspiring, and amazingly rewarding at the same time.  Using period equipment, chemistry, and methods developed over 150 years ago he creates imagery that is beyond the reach of today’s state-of-the-art.

Jeannette Palsa also creates images with wet plate-collodion, both forms of ambrotype and collodion images on aluminum. Palsa works intuitively, stating that her philosophy is “to look beyond what you think you see, to make the subject that appears before your lens more than what it appears.”  Process and subject combine to create images of haunting ambiguity.

Donald Black Jr. readily admits to Photography being his first love and relishes the sensory rewards of working with his hands as he engages in traditional darkroom practices. He found those rewards missing with digital photography, so in an attempt to regain them Black turned to a method of capturing images as old as the origins of photography itself: photogravure –a process that produces a continuous tone photograph from an etched copper plate. Rather than using the plate as a negative to produce a print, Black has turned away, instead using the plate as the positive print itself.  As if to underscore the satisfaction he derives in this new method, Donald chose to produce a unique, life-size image by conjoining copper plates and presenting them as the final work of art.

Student Art Show Drop Off

March 13, 2013

The drop-off days for this year’s Student Show are March 20 and 21 from 10am–4pm in the Art Gallery. Each student may submit up to four pieces that were completed since last year’s Student Show drop-off. Even if you graduated since then, you’re eligible to submit this year!

Used Camera Sale, Student Discount Admission

March 13, 2013

Picture 5