Bellweather: Terry Schwarz and Corine Vermeulen @ Transformer Station

Bellweather is an open-ended series of discussions and events that aim to discover the possibilities and limitations of art as a transformative tool in Cleveland’s post-industrial context.

What is the potential for contemporary art to foster change in our social and urban environment? Bellwether is a series of projects that aims to both explore this question and attempt to answer it. Each episode looks different and takes place in a different part of the community, but shares the common goal of discovering how art can be used as an agent of change for the city of Cleveland.

Bellwether is a project of the Contemporary Art Society of the Cleveland Museum of Art, organized by Heather Cook, Lisa Kurzner, Reto Thüring and John Williams.

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Corine Vermeulen, Movement. 2012

Discussion with Terry Schwarz and Corine Vermeulen
Thursday, April 11th, 7-9 pm @ 
Transformer Station

Terry Schwarz, director of Kent State University’s Urban Design Collaborative, and photographer Corine Vermeulen will lead a discussion about their work and shared interest in art’s role as a catalyst for improving and enriching the urban landscape.

Corine Vermeulen photographed the citizens and landscape of Detroit in her 2005 project, Your Town Tomorrow. Recently, she contributed to thanks for the view, mr. mies: layfayette park, detroit, a volume of interviews and photographs about life in the largest collection of Mies van der Rohe buildings in the world. She says, “Detroit represents a unique and great vehicle for change where old structures are no longer in place and the possibilities of something different to happen are endless.”

Terry Schwarz launched the CUDC’s Shrinking Cities Institute in 2005 to address the implications of population decline and large-scale urban vacancy in Northeast Ohio. She established Pop Up City, a temporary use initiative for vacant and underutilized sites in Cleveland.


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