Brandon Juhasz at SPACES


Brandon Juhasz
Paradise. Pair a dice.
August 23 – October 18, 2013
Recption: Aug 23, 6-8pm

Playing with the idea of image as object and photographic tropes such as scale, texture, representations and resolution, Juhasz envisions an immersive playground of strange objects made three-dimensional by folding, wrapping, and rolling printed images found on the Internet. Life-size nudes will sit on the gallery floor as part of a tableau. Sculptures that interrupt the flat picture plane will emerge from large-scale prints affixed to the walls. Boxes veneered with textures that mimic actual strata will be constructed into totems around the gallery. Paper sculptures, such as his food still-lifes, will be enlarged to enormous proportions. With all the components, Juhasz hopes to activate a desire–a wanting to know more–in viewers.

Visitors will be invited to move in and among sculptures and to take pictures. They may then upload their photos to a website in order to allow multiple public interpretations of the project–like tourist photos of the Grand Canyon that create an idea and sometimes only interaction with the site.

Juhasz will also lead participants through the process of sculpting with printed images in a workshop setting during the project period.

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