Photography and Video Exchange

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The Exchange Blog is an evolving concept and a virtual space to exchange your work with your peers at other universities to receive feedback on your images/projects from more than your classmates. If you have an idea that can improve this blog – this is for the students participating – email Adriane Little whose email address is below in the posting instructions or post a comment to this post.

Send an email to Adriane Little at with the information requested

For Photographs
• The email subject field should have your school’s name and photo exchange so that I know it is not junk mail and will be tagged with the correct school – example: WMU Photo Exchange

Inside the email:

• Your First and Last Name
• The class you are taking – example ART 210: Digital Photography
• Medium – examples: silver print, digital print, installation still
• Size of the actual/physical image
• If image is in a series – how many images are there in total
• Optional – 100 word max statement about the work which will help to start a discussion about your image(s)
• website address if you have a personal website, flicker link, blog address etc that may contain more images
• Attach a maximum 2 images from the same series (4 per semester)
• Adjust image size to 418 pixels on longest side at 72 dpi
• Then use the save for the web function to prepare the image for the web – jpg
• Make sure that the image is under 100k so that the page loads quickly.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 4.03.36 PM

CSU Photo’s last upload was from Ryan up over a year ago.

Please note that due to an increase in the number of participating schools, at this time they will post a maximum of 2 images per posts and 2 posts a semester per student (4 images total for the semester) and 2 videos per semester. Your enthusiasm is appreciated. If you have work on a website, flickr etc we will be happy to add your address to the link section on the left. For more visit the instructions page.


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