Printer Conversion


The MB 220 Lab printer conversion is complete. The ink has been changed from Matte Black to Photo Black, and we are now using Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper as our standard paper. We have the capability of printing on many other glossy to matte surfaces with the correct ICC profiles.

I have updated the printer primer in the lab.


The Printer Profile for the printer and paper is:

Pro 9800 7800 PLPP260

There are two Presets in the Print Driver for color images:

PS Manages Color Borderless
PS Manages Color Retain Size

There are two Presets in the Print Driver for black and white images:

BW Neutral Borderless
BW Neutral Retain Size

Use the Borderless settings for prints that bleed to the edge (24″ wide)
Use the Retain Size settings for prints that do not bleed to the edge (< 24″ wide)

PS Printer Settings for Color Images:

Use Photoshop Manages Colors
Relative Colormetric
Black Point Compensation

PS Printer Settings for Black and White Images:

Use Printer Manages Colors


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