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Our Own Award-winning Photographer

November 26, 2008

CSU’s own Peter Jennings won the Bronze Award for student photography in Creative Quarterly, a Journal of Art and Design. His work will be featured in issue 14, due out in March 2009.   Congratulations, Pete. Keep it up.


Peter Jenning's work.

A sample of Peter Jennings' work.


Spring 2009

November 25, 2008


SP 2009 Photo/Sculpture courses

SP 2009 Photo/Sculpture courses

Midwest online student competition

November 3, 2008

The Midwest Fine Arts Finals is accepting entries from college students in the midwest for an online competition.  At $30 / 3 entries it isn’t the best deal in town.   But if you are accepted, you get to put the cool line “Regional Collegiate Scholarship Competition” on your resume.  Plus, first prize is $1200.  Here’s the entry form and a look at previous winners.