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Kalman & Pabst Studio Visit

November 7, 2016

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Commercial Photography has another field trip in store this week. On Thu, 11/10 we will be visiting Kalman & Pabst, Cleveland’s premier photo studio. KP is located at 3907 Perkins Ave downtown, just east and north of CSU’s main campus. We’ll meet at 3:30pm, 15 minutes later than regular class time to allow for travel.




The Case for Professional Photographers

November 3, 2016

File Under: You Get What You Pay For

Well, that happened. The Tribe was SO CLOSE. But Cleveland is a Championship City. And when we win big, we want it documented properly. See more about how some in Chicago got it right, and others – not so much.


The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series last night after 108-year drought. But what has some photojournalists talking are the cover photos published by two of Chicago’s biggest newspapers, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

As you might remember, the Sun-Times (the 8th largest paper in the US by circulation) laid off its entire staff of photographers back in 2013 and then sent a memo to its reporters about training them in iPhone photography.

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The Tribune (the 10th largest paper), on the other hand, still employs its own staff photojournalists. One of these is Brian Cassella, who shot the latest cover photo.

Perhaps due to these differing views on photography, photo industry pundits immediately began pointing out the differences in the front page photos immediately after they left the presses.

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