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Need an Exhibition Requirement?

October 28, 2011

Here’s a cheap and easy exhibition / fundraiser that will count towards Photo III’s exhibition requirements.  It qualifies  as 1. beyond local, and 2. in an institution dedicated to exhibiting art.  Best of all – it’s free, and it seems like all work submitted is exhibited.

All work will be for sale for $20 to benefit the university.  Work becomes the property of the university after the exhibition.  To learn more about this opportunity to show your work, visit:×6.pdf


The Last Show: A Clarification

October 25, 2011

There have been a number of inquiries and a bit of alarm over the subtitle of CSU Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition.  The show, 2307 Chester Ave.: The Last Exhibition , is an alumni show.  The “Last Exhibition” part is a reference to the fact that it will be the final exhibition in the current space in the Art Building located at 2307 Chester Ave. The buildings that house the gallery, the Art Dept, and the Factory Theater are scheduled for demolition this winter.

The Art Department is relocating to PlayhouseSquare – to the Middough Building on E 13 between Euclid and Chester.  Though there are still details being worked out, the CSU Art Gallery will continue in a new location at PlayHouseSquare. It’s permanent location is planned for the Cowell and Hubbard building on Euclid, and is expected to open in spring 2012.  In the meantime, we will have a continued presence right on Euclid in PlayHouseSquare  for regular scheduled exhibitions.

2307 Chester Ave: The Last Show

There will be an Exhibition Preview on Thu, Oct 27 from 4 – 6pm:This event is timed to be convenient for current students to attend, but is open to the public.

The Opening Reception is on Fri, Oct 28 from 5 – 8pm: Please come and celebrate with the artists, food, drink and reminiscing.

In addition, we are publishing an elegant catalog with texts written by the artists, faculty and staff of the department.  Finally, there will be an axillary exhibition in Gallery B, featuring selected works by current students –  tomorrow’s alumni.

For more information visit CSU Art Gallery’s website and CSUphoto’s previous entry.

Academic Advising: Nov 1 & 2

October 25, 2011

November 1st and 2nd have been designated as advising days in the Art Department.  If you are a photography major, you need to sign up for an advising appointment on my office door.  We will discuss your ART classes for the spring and give permissions for restricted courses.  In addition a gen ed  advisor will be available for walk-in appointments in the gallery on those days.

Michelle Murphy, Visiting Artist

October 24, 2011

Today, Michelle Murphy shared both her professsional photographic work from NASA Glenn Research Center, as well as her gallery work in a variety of media.  We were also lucky to view samples of her highly personal work that she rarely exhibits, as well as get great advice on landing a job after graduation. Thanks Michelle!

Check out Michelle’s projects on her websites:






WSJ: Another Article about the Bidwells

October 23, 2011

“Seeing Double: A Photography Power Couple”, an article on the Fred and Laura Bidwell and their CMA Transformer Station Gallery appeared in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

“Sometimes it takes two to build an art collection. Akron, Ohio, advertising executive Fred Bidwell and his graphic-designer wife, Laura, are known for their adventurous tastes in contemporary photography. Over the last 15 years they’ve amassed 500 pieces by such photographers as Josh Gosfield, Brian Ulrich and Edward Burtynsky….”  Click here to read more.

Call for Entries: Student Photography

October 20, 2011

Please consider this publication opportunity.  I counts towards Photo III’s exhibition requirements.  CSU photo students Meghan Fischer, Frances Killea have been published in Creative Quarterly (link); and Peter Jennings won the Bronze Award (link).  It’s especially nice that they list your school and your instructor (that’d be me).  Note the short deadline:

Q26: Call for Entries
Deadline: October 28, 2011
Just ten days left to enter CQ26. Ready? Click here to enter. Entries are due online or via mail by October 28. Point your cursor here to enter.

Named one of the top art and design publications in the world by Belvedere, Italy and HOW Magazine, USA. We set the bar high. Our judges are tough and uncompromising. Only the very best work gets past them. And when we see winners from our show in other major shows we know we’re using the same yardstick. The only thing those other shows have on us is higher entry fees.

We accept published or unpublished work for a flat $10 per entry.


All art directors, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and fine artists in all countries. Separate categories will be judged for professionals and students. Work must have been completed during the last six months.

Graphic Design—advertising design, books, branding, brochures, editorial, environmental, identity, packaging, posters and web.
Photography—both fine art and commercial.
Illustration—print and animation.
Fine Art—painting, drawing, printmaking, multi-media, pottery, sculpture.

See our current list of winners
If you’re a winner you’ll get great exposure in the next issue of Creative Quarterly due out in 2011 distributed in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and parts of Asia. And your work will be featured in our online gallery. Runner-up entries will also be shown in our online gallery.

CQ26 entries must be sent to us no later than October 28, 2011 Click here to enter.

2307 Chester Ave.: The Last Exhibition

October 19, 2011

“If it wasn’t for this crappy-ass building, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”  -Chris Kulcsar, April 2011


The Art Department is moving to PlayhouseSquare this spring semester; and our current building is scheduled to be demolished in January. The Art Building located at 2307 Chester Ave. houses our Art Gallery which has been serving our students and community since 1975.  Appropriately we are using this as an opportunity to showcase the recent work of some of our most successful alumni.  Click here for more information.

Plans for relocation of the gallery to the Cowell & Hubbbard building at 1309 Euclid Ave. are not completely settled, nor have the plans for this spring’s student exhibitions.  But we have full faith in our university that uncertainties will be worked out, as it is a key interface between the university and community.

There will be an Exhibition Preview on Thu, Oct 27 from 4 – 6pm: This event is timed to be convenient for current students to attend, but is open to the public.

The Opening Reception is on Fri, Oct 28 from 5 – 8pm: Please come and celebrate with the artists, food, drink and reminiscing.

In addition, we are publishing an elegant catalog with texts written by the artists, faculty and staff of the department.  Finally, there will be an axillary exhibition in Gallery B, featuring selected works by current students –  tomorrow’s alumni.

Artists include: Linda Ayala, Yvonne Bakale, Peter Billington, Deanna Clemente, Dan Corrigan, Joan  Deveney, Beth Dubber, Joseph Filak, Keith  Graham, Jeanne Grossetti, Linda Herman, Jeanetta Ho, Paul  Jacklitch, Jennifer Jones-O’Neil, Misha Kligman, George Kocar, Isabel Kopp, Chris Kulcsar, Michael Kuschnir, Thomas Grafton Lee, Tiffany Mielcarek, Michael Nakoneczny, Deborah Pinter, Russ Revock, Bobbie Roach, Dimitra  Pasalis, Dante Rodriguez, Catherine Rozmarynowycz, Anna Tararova, Tobin Troyer, Kelly  Urquhart, and Peter Wells.

CSU photo Alumna Wins Award

October 19, 2011

From Alena's current "Marilyn Project"

A big congratulations to Alena Reyes.  Alena  will be recognized tonight for her Young Photographers Alliance Award at Calumet Gallery in New York City.  Her award will be presented by Albert Watson and Deborah Willis.  Click here to read Alena’s essay and see more award-winning images.  Of course, I have to mention that Alena learned about the opportunity right here on CSUphoto (here).

From the award winning body of work.

Happy Birthday to CSU photo

October 16, 2011

Three years ago today CSU photo was born.  Click here to view the first post.  Eventually things caught traction, and students as well as others came here to read about your accomplishments, art opportunities, and Cleveland’s art and photography scene.  As of noon today the blog has 395 posts and just shy of 43,500 page views.   The blog received some notice in fall of 2009 when it was featured in Photo District News.EDU, a nationally distributed photo education magazine.  Click here for link to the article.   Students and alumni, keep me posted on your recent work and accomplishments.  And to the Cleveland photography and art community, please send news of upcoming events.  Here’s to another year.

Um, No (only more informative and polite)

October 13, 2011

I once used this blog to pass on opportunities for low (or non) paying photographic opportunities to you, my students.  Every spring, I get calls, emails and messages from the office from people wanting student photographers for a wedding or some other event.  Of course, these inquiries are because students are cheap or free, not really to “help you build your portfolio”.  That, and you would be taking work away from someone trying to make a living using photography (like you hopefully will do one day).  So I stopped doing it.

Now I just came across an online resource that every emerging photographer should bookmark.  Next time you get an inquiry that wants to “pay” you with “credit”, “exposure” or chump change, simply paste this link into a reply:

The open letter begins:

Dear potential photo buyer,

If you have been directed to this page, it is likely that you have requested the use of an image or images for free or minimal compensation.

As professional photographers, we receive requests for free images on a regular basis. In a perfect world, each of us would love to be able to respond in a positive manner and assist, especially with projects or efforts related to areas such as education, social issues, and conservation of natural resources. It is fair to say that in many cases, we wish we had the time and resources to do more to assist than just send photographs.

Unfortunately, such are the practicalities of life that we are often unable to respond, or that when we do, our replies are brief and do not convey an adequate sense of the reasons underlying our response…

NOTE: I will still pass along some low and no pay opportunities for good causes or university related events.  And since we’ll be moving in with Theater this spring, I am hoping for some collaborations, such as providing headshots and production stills. Don’t think you’re going to get paid for that.