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January 29, 2009

Congratulations go out to CSU’s Cory Scheider, Lindy Lanzaretta, Peter Jennings and Angie Sciulli.

All four were named finalists in Photographer’s Forum ‘s 29th Annual College Photography Contest.  Their work will be featured in the hardcover Best of College Photography 2009; and, they are in the running for awards.  Nice job and good luck, guys.


From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

January 23, 2009

From Cool Cleveland:


From Rust Belt to Artist Belt the new 78-page white paper from CPAC, outlines challenges & assets, plus what artists offer Rust Belt Cities (inner city migration, property value boost, sweat equity, engaged citizens), and vice versa (affordability, active CDCs, cultural assets, market proximity, diverse spaces). Recommendations: update zoning codes, develop lo-cost artist spaces, stop displacing artists, dispel urban stereotypes, market artists’ work, make capital available to artist entrepreneurs, Read the white paper.

The Cauldron is seeking work to publish

January 22, 2009

The Cauldron is constantly looking for new ways to discover what’s going on around campus, and what its departments, faculty, and most importantly, its students, are up to. While we pride ourselves on our coverage of events held on campus, we really want to delve into and show off the projects that CSU students are working on right now. 

Because of this, we have decided to start a new feature in our Arts and Entertainment Section, which will showcase a student photograph, painting, or other form of art, and spark interest in the talent of our student body. 

A story will run in the January 26th edition of The Cauldron advertising this opportunity, and hopefully, the incentives of publication and recognition will encourage students to begin submitting artwork for the newspaper to print/put on our website. 

While kinks are still being worked out in the process of submissions, our email is, and address is:

Cleveland State University

The Cauldron

3100 Chester Avenue, 4th Floor

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

We welcome any suggestions or input!



Laura Krawczyk

The Cauldron, Copy Editor

Renowned Digital Photography Pioneer at Akron Museum of Art

January 16, 2009