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Equipment Return / Final Meeting Times

April 29, 2013


If you have any borrowed equipment (cameras, videos, books, lights, meters, etc.), I need to get them back by your finals date:

Photo I:                 Monday, May 6, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Photo II & III:       Wednesday, May 8, 1:00 – 3:00 pm 


An Alert, and a Relief

April 25, 2013

7D scared

The Relief:
As you know, I recently reported a missing Canon 7D camera that belongs to the department. I am happy to report that the camera has been found. It was not the fault of any student, nor campus-roving evil-doer. Nay, it was the oversight of yours truly.  It got mixed in with motley horde of camera equipment in my studio. She is safe and sound and will soon be reunited with her sisters in CSU Photo’s HQ.

The Alert:
There have recently been several thefts around the CSU Arts Campus. Phones, laptop computers and other pricey items have recently been stolen. Please be vigilant in safeguarding your belongings. There are lockers available on the 2nd and 5th floors. Provide your own locks and secure your property when you aren’t around.

CIA-CSU Joint Post-bac Winners

April 25, 2013

CSU CIA joint

Congratulations to the recipients of the CSU – CIA Joint Post Baccalaureate Program.  The students listed below will receive one-year scholarships to further their studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art, tuition free.

Jessica Hodge
Leigh Silverblatt
Rachel Strongoli
Josh Usmani
Michelle Ward

The opportunity will be offered every year for graduating seniors and those who’ve graduated in the past two years.

Worldwide Pinhole Day at Cleveland Print Room

April 22, 2013

Dittmer-2012 copy

Sunday, April 28 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Join the Cleveland Print Room at noon to celebrate.  Come build a camera, take a picture, upload your photo to the Worldwide Pinhole Photo Day website’s gallery and experience this unique form of photography.

Visit CPR’s Facebook Event Page to learn more about the local event.
or, visit Cleveland Print Room’s website.
Visit Worldwide Pinhole Day’s website to learn more about  the global event.

CSU Student Art Show in the Media

April 19, 2013

Ryan Upp, Best in Show

From Cleveland Scene:

Readers of criticism learn that an artist’s “maturity” is something good, whatever this obscure quality may be. If it is anything, it is command of powers, and especially the ability to make newness. At the start of their careers, artists copy lessons, repeat without adding, and stumble on clever “discoveries” that have been new a thousand times before. The “mature” creator’s influences can still be recognized, but their implementation of a theme or style creates something distinctly new, not simply callbacks or aping.

In this sense, there is mature work to be found even among remarkable youngsters, like some in the Galleries at Cleveland State University’s two exhibits of students’ work, the juried 42nd Annual Student Art Show and the Merit Scholar Exhibition…

Omid Tavakoli, Best of Photography

Omid Tavakoli, Best of Photography

Greg Martin Wet Plate Collodion Demo @ CPR

April 14, 2013


Greg Martin, Wet Plate Collodion Demo
Cleveland Print Room
Saturday, April 20, 1 – 2 pm

Cleveland photographic artist Greg Martin, who is featured in our current “Homegrown” exhibit of Northeast Ohio Photographers, will be demonstrating the 19th-century photo technique known as Wet Plate Collodion here in the gallery. Stop in and see how this early process works and see the kinds of amazing results it produces.

To RSVP, visit the FB event page.
Visit the Cleveland Print Room website.

CIA Student Photography Exhibition

April 9, 2013



Photo Up Front:  The Cleveland Institute of Art Photography Dept Show
Opening: Friday, May 3
The Front Room (websitemap

CSU @ Connecting with Caporali Reception

April 6, 2013
Mark Irina

Professor Mark Slankard (photo) and Irina Koukhanova (sculpture) bask in the glory of their students.

Proud Professors Mark and Irina enjoy the successes of their students at Cleveland Museum of Art’s Connecting with Caporali college student exhibition. CSU was well represented in the exhibition that included students from 6 area colleges. CSU represented about half of the work in the exhibition. The work looked great, the students (and their profs) were appropriately proud.

Enjoy the photo gallery below of students with their work. CSU Photo students are listed first. Not all artists were on hand to bask in the glory. Congratulations to all artists in the show.

For more information about CSU’s participation in the exhibition, including a complete list of CSU exhibitors, click here.

For more information about the show visit: CMA’s webpage.

CSU photo in the house.

CSU photo in the house.

Alex Powell

Alex Powell.

Ann Scott
Ann Scott

Dan Dembinski

Dan Dembinski

Dominique Perkins

Dominique Perkins

Jessie Wagner

Jessie Wagner

Laurie Klasa

Laurie Klasa

Lexy Washburn
Lexy Washburn

Dairquiri Herrman
Dairquiri Herrman

Bobby Allen

Bobby Allen


Jeremy Kurth

Jeanetta Ho

Jeanetta Ho

Short Deadline: Case Reserve Review

April 4, 2013
ryan upp crr

Ryan Upp’s recent work published in CRR’s publication. Thanks to Ryan for the heads up about this deadline.

Deadline: Friday, April 5 at 11:59pm

Case Reserve Review is the student-run literary magazine at Case Western University. They publish poetry, prose, and analog/digital photography. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO CWRU TO SUBMIT. Submission is open to ALL UNDERGRADUATES in the United States and Grads at Case, CIA, and CIM.

Past students have had good luck with this exciting opportunity Please consider putting your nose to the grindstone (is that the saying?) and submitting. Check out some past successes from CSU Photo.

Submissions are free. For detailed instruction on how to submit your work, visit:

Cleveland Art Scene from the Outside

April 4, 2013



There is no doubt that Cleveland is rich in cultural resources, educational opportunities, and cheap studio space. And why exactly does this matter?

It matters because former industrial boomtowns like Cleveland are at the very center of our country’s transformation from a manufacturing economy to a creative one (and by “creative,” I mean everything from innovations in technology to bio tech to design and horticulture.)

Because artists are risk-takers, politically engaged, and often urban pioneers, we frequently find ourselves at the leading edge of social transformation. (Just look at the ways artists transformed New York neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, SoHo and Williamsburg, before they were priced out of the area). It is art that helps us make sense of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Like where this is going? Be prepared to be surprised. Read and see more through the eyes of  highly accomplished non-Clevelander, Michelle Aldredge. Aldredge is a writer, photographer and creator of Gwarlingo, an arts and cultural website about the creative process. She wrote about her recent visit to Cleveland as a guest of our friends at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Read the story here.