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Wall Eye Gallery – Call for Submissions

November 30, 2009

This is a call to submit pieces into Wall Eye Gallery’s next show, “Festivus!” December 18th-20th.

Visit Wall Eye’s Website

Here are the guidelines:

~ Please e-mail us images of 1 to 3 pieces you’d like to enter. Attach a title list of your pieces including the medium, dimensions, and price. (For price, please indicate whether it’s your cost, or the price it will be sold for.)

~ Because of space restrictions, and to make room for many artists, each piece should not exceed 24″ in height and width.

Please keep in  mind:

– All 2D pieces should be hang ready. Pieces that are to be pinned, taped, or sticky-tacked will not be accepted.
– All 3D pieces should be stable and/or come with mounting hardware if needed.
– The commission is 60% to the artist, 40% to the gallery.
– All pieces in “Festivus” will be priced at $100 or under. Therefore artist’s cost for pieces should not exceed $60.
**The DEADLINE to e-mail us your images is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th, 2009.**

Artists will be notified which of their pieces have been accepted by Monday, December 7th.

Should one or all of your pieces be accepted into “Festivus!” the drop-off dates and times are:

Thursday, December 10th 6:00pm-9:00pm
Friday, December 11th 6:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday, December 12:00pm-6:00pm

CIA’s Gallery Guy Deconstructs Proposals

November 24, 2009

Watch Episode Eight: Deconstructing Gallery Proposals

…And learn;  and weep; and don’t get his name wrong. Bruce Checefsky.  He’s the Director.

Blaise Carrier-Chouinard at SPACES

November 19, 2009

SPACES opening Friday, November 20

Read the Plain Dealer story: Artist Blaise Carrier-Chouinard creates works for his exhibit as it goes along at Spaces in Cleveland | Arts

Visit SPACES website:

Model Release Primer

November 16, 2009

Pop Quiz:
  1. Does “selling” a photo for a profit require a model release?
  2. Do I need a release for a photo I took of someone in a public place?
  3. Should I get a release even if the person in the photo is unrecognizable?
  4. I’m going exhibit my photos of people at an art fair. Do I need releases?
  5. What if the person is dead?
  6. Do I need a release for photos of naked people?
  7. I have tons of pictures of my ex-girlfriend. Can she sue me if I sold them?
  8. I own a portrait studio. Do I need clients to sign releases?
  9. I took a lot of pictures as a hobby, and now I want to sell them. Do I need releases for all my pictures of people?
  10. Someone wants to buy my photo of a particular building. Do I need a property release?
  11. I was on someone’s vineyard and I photographed their grapes. Does the fact that it’s private property trigger the need for a release?


Find answers on Dan Heller’s informative Model Release Primer.

Asterisk Gallery Benefit

November 10, 2009

Asterisk logo

Dana Deprew is planning Asterisk Gallery’s 5th Annual Benefit.  He is looking for artists to donate a work.  He is especially interested in featuring artists who’ve taken part in exhibitions over the past year as a sort of showcase.  That includes many of you who were included in the Image + Object exhibition.  (Photo III: this will count as 1 local exhibition requirement).

All work is auctioned with bids starting at $30.  So not only is this a great opportunity to support an important community arts organization in our area, its also a chance to pick up some new art for your pad at a great price.

Silent Bidding starts on Fri, Dec 11, 5-10pm and ends Sat, Dec 12, 6-11pm.

Asterisk Gallery, 2393 Professor Ave in Tremont

Visit the Asterisk Benefit Facebook Page

Small Worlds, Strange Worlds

November 9, 2009

small strange worlds

a group show curated by CSU Photo Alum Peter Jennings at Moto Gallery in Lakewood

Featured work by,
Hans Gindlesberger
Peter Jennings
Brandon Juhasz (+ check out his local art blog)
Dominic Lippillo
Libby Rowe

Opening reception on Sat, Nov 28th from 5pm-9pm.

Moto Gallery, 17007 Madison Ave, Lakewood Ohio

Moto Gallery’s website

Small Worlds, Strange Worlds FB page