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Brian Ulrich photos at CMA via the PD

August 25, 2011

It isn’t often that a member of the support staff at the Cleveland Museum of Art leaves the institution and launches a career as an important artist with a burgeoning national reputation… Read Steven Litt’s entire article from the Plain Dealer, then, go see the show.


Opportunities at SPACES

August 24, 2011

If you’re interested in any of the opportunities below, let me know and I’ll put you in contact with the appropriate person at SPACES. There is also a full-time opening there for graduates who meet the qualifications.  To learn more about that visit:

Work With SPACES! (and meet some amazing artists!)
All kinds of fun work coming up at SPACES.

Here is how you can help out…
contact Marilyn Simmons 216-621-2314 or

  1. If you want to help out every week (once or twice a week) …send an email and Marilyn will schedule you to work  ASAP.
  2. If you want to help out with one  or more of the many fun projects listed belowlet state which project, day and time.
  3. If you want to sign up for work study or an internship send an email to Marilyn

This week…
SPACES is looking for help this week (Aug -22-26)
with installing our upcoming exhibitions.
There are three exhibitions all opening Friday Aug 26, at 6pm.
If you have time during the day or in the evening come be the Work With SPACES!

Here is the list…

PROJECT #1 –  LAMBERT SIGN  – Aug 22 -Sept 18 –
contact Sarah Beiderman 440-935-1787 

Tuesday- Thursday , August 23-25: 10am-8pm – Build with Steve 
Help Steve wire the sign and put pieces of the sign together and other stuff.

Friday, August 26: 9am-2pm –
On the road with Steve and the Sign:
Downtown farmer’s market at Public  Square

We will be taking the sign to the downtown farmer’s market at Public  Square (set up 9am).  If you have expertise in any of these: lifting big things, taking good photos, talking to the public about the project, smiling and talking then you are needed.

Saturday, August 27: 10am-5pm –  
On the road with Steve and the Sign: Open Air at Market Square
Steve and the sign will be at Open Air at Market Square on W.26th st, right by the West Side Market. If you have expertise in any of these: lifting big things, taking good photos, talking to the  public about the project, smiling and talking then you are needed.

Sunday, August 28-Tuesday, August 20 –  
On the road with Steve and the Sign: TBA
We are working on scheduling other outings for the sign during these days. Let Sarah know your availability during these 3 days, ASAP
September 16 – 18 (weekend)  – 
On the road with the Sign: Ingenuity Festival AND
the Tremont Arts and Culture Festival

For this lovely September weekend, we have the option to engage people with the sign and the project both at the Ingenuity Festival AND the Tremont Arts and Culture Festival. You are needed to help transport, set up, and talk with people about the sign/project.  Please let Sarah know if you are available for any length of time during this weekend.

PROJECT #2 – Install help needed Aug 20-26, 11am to 8pm –  contact Marilyn Simmons 216-621-2314 or 
Help us open the season with a new SPACELab, SWAP and R&D.
We will need help installing our next three exhibitions.
All the exhibitions will open Friday August 26, 6-9 pm.

R&D – 

Portability & Network – 

Curated by Christian Wulffen 
Each artist was asked to submit a highly portable work that will then be accompanied by supplemental material
that provides further information to the viewer about the artists and this network to make plain the often-tangled webs
that weave together artists and artistic practice outside of the gallery walls.

SPACELab – USNEWS by Royden Watson
Watson’s project involves paper printed with the outline of the United States onto which drops of pigmented liquid will be regularly dripped onto
key locations on the map, allowing the drops to seep into and across the paper. Each drop signifies a political issue and their hotbeds of activity.
Over the course of the exhibition, as colors mix and layer, America will literally be “browned” while issues are raised and illustrated for the audience.

SWAP  – Capitalism Works For Me! by 

Steve Lambert

Capitalism Works for Me! is a 20-foot long lighted sign that allows viewers to vote “true” or “false’ through a kiosk and accompanying LED scoreboard.
The sign will first be shown at SPACES and travel around Cleveland before touring to Boston, Santa Fe, Los Angeles and other cities in the U.S.


Opening Reception – 

Aug 26, 3 -9 pm –  contact Marilyn Simmons 216-621-2314 or 
Your help is needed with food and beverage, signage, information gathering, greeter, front counter help, exhibition docents etc…

Two Opportunities for You (that Pay)

August 11, 2011

Can you take a better ping pong picture than this? Read on...

Photographer Wanted for Rec Center

Scott Westhoven is looking to fill a photographer position  as soon as possible.  I believe the position will continue throughout the academic year. If you already have a student job, the hours will not affect the 20hr cap because it’s considered a separate entity from the college as far as employees are concerned. Responsibilities include taking photos at events and for promotional material. Thomas Dang is currently the graphic designer for the rec and would like to work closely with the photography to advance the brand of the rec center.  Interested students can apply and submit their resume using the following link.

Vindicator Photographer

The Vindicator  Photographer position is still available  this fall and spring. The publication prints three  48 page issues per semester. They will have a website up and running this year and will be developing an iPad app this year as well. There is a $1,000 per semester scholarship for this position.  It could be a great experience for one of you. Thomas Dang, editor-in-chief of the magazine , wants to create a visually striking publication, He has a very talented illustration and graphic designer and is hoping we can find someone very passionate and driven to push the pub to the next level of excellence. For more information, please visit CSU photo’s previous post on this position. 

The scholarship requires that you are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours (with some exceptions to seniors), that your GPA is at least 2.5, and you attend an orientation meeting before the semester begins.

Please contact me or Thomas Dang ASAP if you are interested in either position.

Camera Show

August 11, 2011

~ Sunday, August 28. 2011 ~
39th Cleveland-Akron COLLECTORS
Cleveland-Richfield Days Inn (330)659-6151 (off I-80) East Exit 173, S. on Rt 21,
4742 Breckville Rd., Route 77, use Exit 145,
North on Route 21, Richfield, Oh

Sunday, August 28, 2011
(of i-80) East Exit 173, S on Rt 21.
4742 Breckville Rd., Route 77,
use exit 145, North on Route 21, Richfield, Oh
Admission: $5.00 Students $2.00 W/ID
Vintage Cameras, Photographs,
Postcards and other fine vintage
and collector cameras
Contact: Igor Reznik, 440-248-8604
Save $1.00

Print out this email and save $1.00 on show admission if you present this email at the entrance.                                                               Photorama USA